The next stop I made was also a good find! As you might remember from past posts, George and I are intent on using limestone stucco on the exterior of the house. The problem is, there aren’t many people who’ve used it before. Not only in Atlanta, but the United States in general! So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to discover this Italian plaster company has set up its North American headquarters right here in Atlanta. Plaster specialist Vali Lazar has hooked up with co-owner Christopher Lewis and local marketing whiz Keith Kennedy to bring the techniques and products used in Europe since ancient times to the U.S. market. Using limestone and other natural minerals, their plaster, stucco and mineral paints are breathable and elastic, non-toxic (actually even removes toxins as well!), as well as mold and bacteria-resistant. Oh, and did I mention the finishes are positively gorgeous? You just can’t get this smooth, natural look with Portland-based stucco. George and I love the natural limestone color, which requires no painting. We will definitely be in touch with these guys about doing our facade. I could have never dreamed there were real-deal Italian plasterers right here in Atlanta!

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