Stately and beautifully situated on a rising lawn set well back from the street, this classical revival house from the early 1930’s had arrived in the twenty-first century sound, but, due to numerous renovations over the years, lacked cohesion internally and no longer related as gracefully as it once must have to its handsome site.

Our program was first to reintegrate house and gardens in terms of circulation, access and lines of sight. Secondly, interiors were returned to a classical simplicity both in plan and detail that served to reinforce the authentic personality of the house as well as to enable it to be used and enjoyed by a modern family.

Where needed, new details sympathetic and harmonious to the original character of the house were executed in plaster, wood and marble.

On the exterior, a light-robbing, sprawling, non-original two-story portico was removed from the north front of the house and replaced with a limestone portico covering only the main entrance. Overlooking the terraced gardens on the light-filled south front of the house a generous one-story porch was created to provide both a retreat from the summer sun and to extend the living area of the house. The brick was lime washed by Lazar Stucco.